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Society of Catholic Scientists

Rochester Chapter

Our Mission

We are scientists who are Catholic Christians in the Rochester, New York region.

We promote intellectual dialog between science and faith and provide opportunities for friendship among students and scientists.

Spring 2023 SCS Rochester Lecture

Gene Therapy: Scientific Principles and Ethical Considerations

David Dean, Ph.D. &
Jessica Shand, M.D.

Thursday, April 20, 2023, 7:15 pm.
University of Rochester River Campus
Dewey Hall
Room 1101 (the main auditorium)

Scroll down for a map.

Zoom link available. Please contact: scsrochester@gmail.com

Picture of Dr. David Dean

Dr. Dean is a scientist whose primary area of research is gene therapy. His lab has two main areas of interest: discovering how DNA traffics within the cell, moving through the cytoplasm and i nto the nucleus in order to improve the gene delivery process; and developing gene therapy-based treatments for lung diseases including acute respiratory distress syndrome and cystic fibrosis. He is currently Professor of Pediatrics, Biomedical Engineering, and Pharmacology & Physiology at the University of Rochester. Prior to being recruited to Rochester in 2007 he had been a tenured faculty member at both the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University and the College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama. Dr. Dean received his Ph.D. in 1990 from the University of California at Berkeley and did postdoctoral studies at the University of California at Los Angeles. Dr. Dean's laboratory page.

Picture of Dr. Jessica Shand

Dr. Shand is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Health Humanities and Bioethics. She cares for patients in the pediatric primary care practice and provides expert consultation as requested for patients with hematologic issues. She is involved in quality improvement efforts through the GCH Morbidity and Mortality Conference which she co-directs, and through development of anticoagulation best practices. She is an active scholar, focusing her recent work on the ethics of scarce resource utilization, and on improving health equity for patients with sickle cell disease. Dr. Shand serves as the Associate Director of the Resident Research Track and teaches in the DEI and Core Bioethics curricula. Dr. Shand holds a joint appointment in the Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics, where she serves at the Bioethics Pathway Director, teaches several courses in Bioethics, mentors students, and implements curriculum innovations at the intersection of ethics, health equity, and spiritual care. Dr. Shand also holds an institutional leadership role as the Director of the URMC Clinician and Faculty Wellbeing Program, bringing an interdisciplinary lens to improving clinician wellbeing through innovations in technology use and team debriefs. Dr. Shand received her M.D. from the University of Buffalo. Her post-graduate training included Pediatric Residency at the University of Rochester and a fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Johns Hopkins University.

Large BLUE arrow points to Dewey Hall.
Large RED arrows point to parking lots which are free after 7 pm. Map of UR River Campus

Gold Mass

This year we will sponsor a "Gold Mass" to bring together Rochester region scientists and students for spiritual fellowship.

The Society of Catholic Scientists sponsors Gold Masses for Scientists. This follows in the tradition of special Masses for members of particular professions. The oldest, the Red Mass for lawyers and lawmakers, was introduced in the 13th century. The first White Mass for health care professionals and Blue Mass for law enforcement personnel were begun in the 1930s. By promoting Gold Masses for Scientists around the world, SCS hopes to create spiritual fellowship among Catholic scientists, science educators and science students at the local level.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Email us at the address below and we will reply within a day or two!

Interesting Links

Here are some links to websites you might find interesting.

Society of Catholic Scientists--International Web Site

Our Rochester group is a regional chapter of the Society of Catholic Scientists. Their web site has a wealth of information regarding the harmony of faith and science.

The Vatican Observatory...Did you know there was such a thing?

The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest active astronomical observatories in the world, with its roots going back to 1582. The Vatican Observatory stands at the forefront of scientific research covering a broad range of topics, from an examination of the tiniest specks of interplanetary dust to the origin and structure of the universe.

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